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Well hello there beautiful, I’m Marliceia and it is so nice to meet you. Believe it or not, makeup was not my first passion, but God blew my mind almost 10 years ago when he pushed me in the direction of pursuing it. In 2010, I won the Miss Alabama Plus America Pageant and went on to compete at Nationals. 


Although I did not place there, a seed was planted. Who knew makeup was such a big deal? Pageantry then led to plus size modeling and I noticed that models often far outnumbered the makeup artists. Well, I was determined not to be a model whose face was half-done by an overworked makeup artist, so I learned to do my own makeup. Doing makeup naturally and shortly afterward, my mom encouraged me to start practicing on others.


Although the pageant was where my makeup interest first peaked, a trip to Atlanta, GA would forever change the trajectory of my path to beauty. During a routine salon visit with my sorors before our dinner, one requested that I do her makeup in the lobby. Women began to gather and ask if I could do their makeup, I apologized and said I wasn’t a makeup artist,  My sorors said in tandem, “Yes she is and we will have her business cards for you on our next visit”. 


Fancy is Flawless Makeup Artistry was born and went on to re-emerge as Marliceia Chavers Artistry in January of 2017 and we are still bringing you the best in beauty, bridal, editorial, and maternity makeup.

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I wear many hats. I am The Passion-Preneur, which means I am pursuing many passions simultaneously in the entrepreneurial world while maintaining a 9 to 5. I am a fun-loving, fashion forward class act with a unrivaled spirit that hails from the Magic City of Birmingham, AL. All of my life I have been two things, a creative and an analytical/critical thinker. I pride myself on giving people the best of both worlds, this helps me in connecting with people from all backgrounds, especially my clients. My clients know when they sit in my chair that therapy is in session and everything is confidential, plus honestly, I get to share my life with them too and that just feels good.


I graduated from Dillard University in New Orleans, LA with a B.A. in Accounting and by day I work for the Department of Treasury. I also am a Lovestyle Blogger that promotes self-love, self-care, and creating your best life on my Love Marliceia blog and social media. As a matter of fact, you can get a taste of this motivation on my Inspire H.E.R. Dopeness podcast every Friday, and if you want to take it a step further you can rock this motivation by visiting my women’s empowerment apparel site Inspire H.E.R. Apparel. You see, I represent all things woman. My purpose and passion in life is women and it is my God-given duty to pour my gifts and talents into every woman I encounter and inspire her to be happy, empowered, and revolutionary.


My attention to detail and sense of style helps her bring everything full circle. This coupled with my expertise and training has helped her build a brand that is sure to leave a legacy, but don’t take my word for it. Keep reading…

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Professionalism and experience are what qualifies most and that’s a great thing. I have those credentials too, but my best qualification is my love for people, especially women. To see my clients, look in the mirror after their MCA experience and feel beautiful, confident, and ready to put their best face forward is my greatest accomplishment on any given day.


Given that my love for people is so great, so is my love for providing the best in beauty.  The ways that I ensure that I do is remaining educated on the beauty trends, tips, and techniques that help me paint each human canvas with precision as well as listening to each of my clients desires.


I began as a self-taught makeup artist and later went on to become a certified professional makeup artist at The Ahmni Academy in Jonesboro, GA. I have been certified in beauty, bridal, theatrical, and special effects makeup artistry. My education and connections have afforded me many great opportunities including celebrity work and having my work published featured on several covers of Birmingham’s own premier fashion magazine, belladonna magazine in addition to Munaluchi Bridal Online, Birmingham Weddings, Sophisticate’s Black Hair, Drum, The Natural Hair and Health Expo and Model Call Magazine. 


It is my hope and dream to travel the world spreading my artistry everywhere and it is my honor and privilege to be your destination for beauty for every special event, photoshoot, and or bridal experience with love, laughter, and style. 

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At Marliceia Chavers Artistry we believe that we will forever be students, so that we can always bring our clients the best in beauty. Below are some of my  professional credentials:




Erica Carr Bridal Business

Ahmni Makeup Academy Certification in Beauty, Bridal, Theatrical, and Special FX

AJ Crimson Academy

Alexandra Butler One on One Training

Sylvia Smith Contouring Class




Ohtis House Production

Top Natural Hair Model – Co-Lead Makeup Artist

New Year Production Lead Makeup Artist – Carver Theater



Munaluchi Bride - Coterie

Engaged Wedding Library

Alabama Wedding and Event Professionals

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What’s Your Favorite Color? Metallic Gold; hence the fabulous accent color in my branding.


What Food Do You Fancy Most?  Seafood hands down is my favorite. My dad deep sea fished my entire life, so that was my first introduction, but then after going to college in New Orleans, LA my eyes were opened to a whole new world of seafood and to this day I cannot get enough of it.


What is a dream deferred of yours? My greatest passion is music. I have been a singer all my life and still have yet to fully pursue that dream, but don’t be surprised if you hear “coming to the stage, Marliceia Jamese” real soon at a venue near you. Dreams do come true and it is never too late to pursue them.


Do you have a favorite singer? I knew that was coming and frankly, l don’t play favorites because there are just too many to choose from. Every musician I love speaks to a different part of me. Let’s discuss this when you are in my chair.


If you had to watch 3 shows for the rest of your life on repeat, what would they be? Hmmm, I would have to say, Queen Sugar, Lovecraft Country (new, but ingenious), and Living Single. 


Who are your greatest female influences?  My Mom, Michelle Obama, Oprah, Mattie James, and Pat McGrath


You love fashion so who are some of your style icons: Definitely, Celebrity Actress: Tracee Ellis Ross, Fashion Blogger: The Melodie Stewart; Singers, Janelle Monae and Teyanna Taylor.


What is your dream luxury ride: I’m simple, just a fully customized G-Wagon.

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